Introducing totally NEW books !

Introduction to Quality Engineering (2019) is written/designed as a comprehensible book, emphasizing coverage on the main subjects of quality including statistics, interdisciplinary engineering, management, and Poka-Yoke all joined for the benefit of the company. This book is specially written for the use of all levels of students and designed to equip them with applied knowledge and experience in understanding and implementing the quality in the context of well-established Quality Engineering philosophy and coverage.

Library of Congress Control Number2019933815    ISBN: 978-0-9992005-6-8 



Introduction to Applied Statistics (2017) is truly a comprehensible book, after studying this book, students from all levels and backgrounds could easily apply statistics to their real-life problems. This book can also guide students in developing hands-on experience by offering/utilizing traditional and contemporary solution tools. Many subjects/features have been presented/introduced to make this book a quick and efficient way of learning and applying statistics. The key applications of both EXCEL and MINITAB applications are presented rather clearly where required.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2017911915    ISBN:  978-0-9992005-5-1